U.S. Islands

United States Islands and Possessions

By PLR Reviewer Charles Harmon

uss arizona HawaiiWhen one thinks of islands often the vision of some exotic place in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, the Philippines or some other large body of water with islands in it. Well all that’s true, but if you live in the Unites Stated like I do there are other places where islands exist although we may not normally think of them unless you live on or near them.

One of those places are islands within lakes or close to the shoreline of the USA. Naturally there are islands that are associated or part of the US in one way or another. Hawaii is the perfect example since it is one of the 50 states. Then there is Puerto Rico, a united States possession, the virgin Islands and a host of other smaller islands away from continental United States.

Here we will have a few writeups on of the many thousands of islands in the United States. You may be thinking 1000’s of islands in the US? No Way! It’s true, although it may not be a common fact, but just looking at one state, albeit it’s the largest one, Alaska has approximately 2,670 named islands. Nebraska, a landlocked state has over 60 islands, and even Nevada, another landlocked state has over 25 islands.

Whew! that’s not the half of it because if you look at some of the states with a lot of known bodies of water in it you’ll find Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, Tennessee, South Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, and others, probably have in all maybe four or five hundred islands or more.

In one of our Special Reports we showcase ten great island destinations, some of which you may want to consider as a potential vacation destination or even for a short Island jaunt if you live close by or the cost to get there is within your budget. You can read about these in our low cost publication 10 Unique Island Destinations.

On our Travellistics site we have a writeup of a popular island destination in New York which you may not have heard of unless you live in or around NYC. There are so many more island locations in the United States and our job is to shed some light on them.

Stay tuned…

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