Dominica in the Caribbean


Explore the Caribbean in Dominica the Unusual Way The Caribbean is a favorite destination among tourists and honeymooners because of its beautiful beaches and scenery. If you want to explore the Caribbean in a different way, go to Nature Island or the Dominica. With a very small population of only…

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Las Palmas City

Las Palmas port

4 Things to Do When Visiting Las Palmas City in Canary Islands, Spain With a population of more than 380,000, Las Palmas is the biggest and 9th largest city in Spain. It is situated in Canary Island which is considered as the most heavily populated area with more than 700,000…

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Ikaria Island in Greece

Agios Kirikos Ikaria

5 Reasons to Visit Ikaria Island in Greece Situated 10 miles southwest of Samos, Ikaria Island or Icaria is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea with only a total of 8,423 inhabitants. Most of the island is composed of the Aetheras range with its highest peak of 3,402 feet…

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