Jamaica’s Negril Beach

Jamaica’s Amazing and Breathtaking Negril Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the world is the Jamaica island. This island is the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean. Its population is only 6,900 people. One of the most popular beach resorts of Jamaica is Negril.

This resort is a widely dispersed resort that is located across parts of two Jamaican Parishes. Tourists frequently visit this resort whenever they are in Jamaica because of how beautiful the landscape is. Strategically, the resort is best suited for tourist. That’s because it is located approximately 75 minutes away from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.
negril beach

Best Places of Jamaica

In the western coastline of Jamaica, you will find the finest beaches with white powdery sand. They have clear blue water, a relaxing environment and breathtaking sunsets.  In the south side area of the island, in social media, Negril is known to be the popular Seven Mile beach. However, the actual length of the beach is less than 7 miles. But it deceives the eyes of every tourist who takes a stroll on the beach.

What to Do

Spending your vacation in Negril with your friends or love ones would be the best vacation you will ever have. This place has an accommodation that has a wide range of room prices and services. On the north end of the beach is where large inclusive resorts lie.

This part of the island is very developed and it is equipped with many modern facilities and fine dining restaurants. “Beaches Resort” is the most popular resort located in this place, and if you are together with your family, this beach resort should be the top choice.

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In this beach resort, you can find pools, different types of Spa treatment centers, a game garage for kids, a kid’s camp, water park called Pirate Island and a Trench town center for teenagers.

For people who love the natural beauty of the island, the southern end of the beach is where they should stay and relax. This part of the beach is where small family-oriented hotels along with vendors, small restaurants and different souvenir shops.

PLRFor adventurous type of people, there are many water sports activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing, banana boat riding and hydro biking that they could enjoy. There are many boat tours that are also available.

Take them to enjoy and explore the different parts of the Caribbean island. Snorkelling and scuba diving can also be done but with supervision. You can see many centuries old coral reefs and coral cliffs where you can jump or dive with caution.

Your family and friends will surely enjoy staying in Negril beach. If they do not like to stay wet or spend long hours on the beach, they can enjoy playing tennis, shuffleboard, table tennis, mini golf an billiards. These kinds of facilities are available and free.
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Where to Eat

Romantic dinners are available any place in this resort. If you love the sunset, you should be headed to Rick’s Cafe. Many locals and tourists go to this cafe restaurant because how perfect the sunset view of that area is.

Their food is also great and the combination of local cuisine and international cuisines will give dinners a wow. However, if you are an exploring type of person and you only want to try local dishes, the local clubs, bars, seaside eateries and craft markets are just a walking distance from the beach.

Exploring the beach area is not that hard since there are many affordable route taxis that could take you to the places where you want to go on the island. If you’re planning to check out and go back to reality, there are many shuttle vans that would drive you to the airport.

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