Molokai Hawaii

The Beauty of Molokai Hawaii

molokai hawaiiNo one can resist the beauty that is in Hawaii. No wonder many tourists come here to see the stunning view that this island has. Two of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii are Molokai and Maui which may be related to each other but absolutely different in terms of their culture and traditional practices. While Maui may be more attractive to tourists, Molokai suits better for those who love the rawness of nature.

Molokai Lighthouses

Even if Molokai locals may not be very welcoming to visitors, the island holds something that still attracts travelers to come visit the place. Lighthouses are the main unique attraction in the island.

There is even a lighthouse that stood at the shoreline of Molokai which is a thing of beauty on its own. It tells of the history of the island which is quite colorful and gains the interest of travelers. Surrounding the lighthouse is a volcanic crater, caves and a rain forest.

Visiting the Traditional Molokai

Exploring the natural beauty of nature is what most travelers are aiming for in their journey. Molokai suits well if you want to breathe in fresh air and see nature at its best. It is also the best way to take a relaxing vacation and relieve yourself of some of the everyday stresses that you encounter in your normal life. While leis may be a way of welcoming visitors to island, you will never get to experience that in Molokai.

Exploring the Beauty of Molokai

If you want to take a look deeper into what Molokai can offer you, your best option is to tour around the island by a helicopter. You get to see tall waterfalls that are unlike any other, magnificent sea cliffs and other features of the natural beauty of Molokai. It is like visiting the place and not wanting to leave.

Fun Activities and Adventure

Because the locals are very dedicated into preserving the original beauty of the island and in protecting the natural resources, you cannot see that much of a change the next time you go back to the island.

There are plenty of fun activities that you get involved in while at the island. If you are fond of golf, make it more interesting by playing at the eighteen-hole golf course situated just by the side of the ocean. You can even rent out bicycles or cars to help you move around faster.

Try Out Local Dishes

There are wide selections of restaurants that offer local delicacies. They have Chinese cabbage, purplish sweet potatoes, bok choy, artisan breads and macadamia nuts. While partying is not very suitable in the island, some locals may still greet you with a simple hello. Conversations can be exciting as the locals are interested in telling stories that only the natives know.

More Tourist Spots and Attractions

  • Papohaku Beach which is Hawaii’s longest white sand beach
  • Kalaupapa Lookout in Pala’au State Park
  • Moloka’I Museum and Cultural Center in Kalae Highway, Kualapuu
  • Ironwood Hills Golf Course
  • One Ali’I Beach Park
  • Halawa Falls Cultural Hike
  • One Ali’I Beach Park with camping, bathroom and shower facilities
  • Sunset viewing
  • Star gazing

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