Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii: A Natural Wonderland of the Hawaiian Islands

Whether it’s the beach or the beautiful surroundings of Maui, travelers are very much fascinated in visiting the place and experience what is in Maui.

From the stunning beaches to luscious mountains surrounding the island, Maui also is home to the top national park in the world, the Haleakala National Park. Hiking the 32 miles marked trails will take you to scenic sights of the island while enjoying a breath of fresh air and the chance to commune with nature.

If you are looking for the perfect place to unwind and get away from the hustles and bustles of the city, Maui is your best choice.
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Haleakala National Park

Adorned in gorgeous view of natural landscapes combined with the unusual combination of climate, topography and geology, Maui always leaves tourists enchanted and mesmerized at the beauty it has.

Haleakala National Park is the crown jewel of Maui. It is about 28,655 acres and ranges from ocean level to the 10,023 foot peak. The Haleakala volcano is an active volcano but had no activity for quite some time now.

The park has several varying climates from a rainforest to a very high lava desert. There are also many unusual and endangered animals found in the island which is also part of the attractions in the park.

To begin your day at Maui, it is a special treat to be able to witness the magical sunrise especially if you view it from the summit. You need to start hiking by midnight in order to arrive at the summit before sunrise. Remember to bring along with you jackets, blankets and warm clothing as the temperatures at the summit tend to go below freezing. You also get to view the neighboring islands of Maui during clearer days.

Iao Needle

Situated in the murky forest of Central Maui, Iao Needle is a natural landform that will certainly feed the eyes of every visitor. Take a short hike from Iao Valley State Park parking lot and then proceed to the viewing stand where you will see a very remarkable sight of the Iao Needle.

Hiking further will take you to mystical waterfalls, gigantic fern trees and streams dressed in vibrant colorful orchids. This is where you will be able to experience paradise nature at its purest.

Nakalele Blowhole

Nakalele Blowhole is another interesting formation situated in the western part of Maui. This was formed when the ocean undercut the lava shelf, spewing water into the hole especially during high tides.

Dragon’s Teeth

The Dragon’s Teeth looks like real dragon’s teeth because of its colors. The combination of red lava and bleached lava together with the lava resembling large teeth made it look like a dragon.

Fun Activities While in Maui

Surrounded by turquoise clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, swimming and diving are two favorite activities in Maui. Tropical fishes find abode in the coral reefs. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling in order to have a closer encounter with these amazing underwater sea creatures. There are even two underwater areas in Maui that were hailed as underwater parks because of its undeniable natural beauty.

Whale watching is another fun activity in the island. The best spots for whale watching are at Maalaea Bay or McGregor Point during the months of January to April.

Because Maui has a diverse climate, it is always a wise idea to check the weather first when planning to visit the island, so you will know what types of clothes to bring and to plan ahead for your itinerary.

Hailed as paradise on earth, Maui in Hawaii is a real beauty on its own. With the diverse climate, wide-ranging landscape, low unemployment rate, two volcanoes and the most stunning park in the world, Maui should be your next vacation destination.


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