Visit Maldives – A Great Weekend Getaway


Visit Maldives – a Weekend Getaway Island in the Indian Ocean


If your idea of a weekend getaway is to spend on a beach together with your family and friends, Maldives should be listed as your top choice. Maldives is listed amongst the best tourist attractions in the world because of how clean and clear their beaches are.

There are many Hollywood celebrities who frequently visit this place because of how great the beaches are and how accommodation the local people are to guests.

What to See

Maldives has many coral fringed islands in the Indian Ocean. Because of their natural coral designs, different kinds of fishes swim around the beach shores of the different hotels in this place.

This is why many tourists, whenever they are in Maldives, go to the nearest dive shops and rent a suit and a tank in order for them to go diving or snorkelling. But if you are not interested to go on a dive or swim in the beautiful beaches, you can simply visit other islands or hotels that sit nearby.

One of the most popular resorts that many people visit whenever they are in Maldives is the New Five-Star Constance Halaveli resort. The Male, Hulhumale, and Maafushi islands are one of the most popular islands that tourists visit whenever they are in Maldives.

The different exciting views that these hotel resorts give to vacationers, will surely give them the relaxation that they need since they landscaped the resort in a manner where it will good together with the beach.

What to Do

People who spend their vacation in Maldives have only one thing in their mind: “Relaxation”. Most tourists will go for a spa treatment whenever they are tired of sun bathing under the sun. There are many establishments that offer different types of Spa and massage treatments.

Other tourist will go on an island hoping and enjoy the ambiance of the different resorts in this place. Children, Teenagers, and young adults prefer to go swimming and enjoy the beach. Some will go on surfing, but it also depends if there are big waves coming.

Other young adults go on a scuba diving or snorkeling and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer under the sea. There are many different kinds of fishes that can be seen near the shores of this island. However, you should undergo a seminar or have a diving licence since the Indian Ocean is very technical and you must have an experience diving in an ocean.

What to Eat

This place is quite known for its different seafood dishes. Fish curries, sushi, sashimi, grilled and barbecued seafood are amongst the tourists favourite dishes to devour. The different restaurant establishments have perfected their different seafood cuisine in order to satisfy their guest’s bellies.

Many foreigners enjoy their meals while sipping the different wines, rum and other alcoholic beverages that the different resorts offer to their guests. Since Maldives is not that pricey, vacationers often hangout until the break of dawn drinking and dancing. There are many disco pubs and restro bars that tourists can hop from one place to another.


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