Touring Hanalei Bay in Kauai Hawaii

Hanalei Bay

A Tour at the Spectacular View of Hanalei Bay in Kauai Hawaii

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Hawaii is very popular for its magnificent beaches and Hanalei Bay Beach is considered one of them. Located in the northern shores of Kauai Island in the region of Napali Coast and along Weke Road, Hanalei Bay is a must-visit beach especially for those who love to take photographs. The island is painted with green valleys, waterfalls embellishing the volcanic cliffs and stiff peaks that will make every visit a memorable experience.

The Beach

Visiting Hanalei Bay is a breath-taking experience as you may not have any beach in the world like it. It boasts of white sand embodied with crystal clear blue waters. Because of the local government’s efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the bay, you will be able to enjoy watching beautiful sea creatures and stunning coral reefs while relaxing at the beach with its luscious scenery.

Fun Activities

  • During Summer

Summer is always the best time to go to the beach. At Hanalei Bay, you will take full pleasure in the cool and peaceful waters just like taking a dip in a very big swimming pool. Make sure to plan your itinerary so you will maximize your time spent at Hanalei Bay.

You may spend the whole day sunbathing, play Frisbee or beach volleyball and even meet new friends. If you prefer to take on water sports activities, kayaking or canoeing may suit your needs. For an even more romantic getaway, you may opt to rent a sailboat and spend the day sailing into the beautiful waters and wait until the sun sets.

  • During winter season

While summer may be the best time to go there, the winter season also provides you plenty of activities that will make your vacation even more exciting and adventure-filled. The huge waves make surfing and wind surfing suitable.

If it is your first time or you are not into the waves, you will surely be interested to learn how to especially that there are surfing schools available in the area where you can learn and rent gears. The north shores may become too rough and not safe for swimming. You may enjoy the water in the western part of the bay and go for swimming.

  • Family fun

You can also bring the entire family to the beach as there are amenities which make guests comfortable and provide convenience. There are toilets, parking spaces and showers, picnic areas and cottages. Lifeguards are also on station so you will have extra watch while your children are swimming.

  • Explore the local shops and villages

While the beach may be the number one attraction in the island of Kauai, visiting the locals is another fun activity while you are in the island. You can pass through trails and bridges and then take a tour at the local shops and villages. You can buy souvenir items in their gift shops, explore surf stores, and eat local dishes at restaurants and diners.

Tourists on a tight budget can also choose from affordable accommodations that offer bed and breakfasts or stay at luxurious hotels if you want to pamper yourself. The locals are very accommodating, friendly and nice which will make your stay even more comfortable and memorable.

  • Take snapshots of memories and the view

Hanalei Bay is a postcard-worthy view as your eyes will be treated to the natural and scenic beauty of the bay. Remember to bring along your camera so you can take photos as you explore the three parks of Hanalei Bay, namely Waioli, Hanalei Pavilion and Black Pot.


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