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Spending a Vacation at Heavenly Guana Island

People love the idea of spending their weekend vacation on a paradise island. Since work and school stresses people out, spending 1-2 days in the beach sounds good. That’s especially true while sipping a margarita or any alcoholic beverage. That might easily rejuvenate a person’s energy.

Guana Island

People who are longing to have this kind of pleasure go to the nearest beach they could find. However, in the Caribbean island there is one privately owned getaway island. It is called Guana Island. Tourists often visit whenever they want a weekend getaway with their friends or family.

Where It Is

Guana Island is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Some consider it to be a paradise that fell from the sky. Whenever you are visiting this popular tourist destination it feels like you’re in heaven.

This island is located in the British Virgin Islands territory nearby Tortola. This remarkable place is owned by Beth and Louis Bigelow of Massachusetts. The island was purchased in 1934. The island can accommodate as many as 32 guests at one time. It has 20 all-inclusive rooms with a first class hotel service.

What to Do

Staying on this island will give you incomparable beauty of nature with a very relaxing environment. If you love to hike and enjoy the beauty of nature while strolling the island, there are many miles of hiking trails.

These trails will lead people to the beautiful forest and the overwhelming view of the ocean. The sugar loaf mountain is considered to be the most challenging trail of Guana Island. People who successful reach the top of the mountain will get a panoramic view of the beach and the different surrounding islands.

affiliate pgmIf you are a beach lover and you can’t take your eyes away from the ocean’s view, you can snorkel, scuba dive in order to enjoy what the ocean has to offer underneath. If you brought kids, they will surely enjoy the boat paddling and kayaking.

Guana Island has a collection of rare species of plants and animals. The different Iconic wildlife animals that are considered to be endangered like the Caribbean roseate flamingo, the red legged tortoise and iguana.

PLRHowever, since there are only a limited number of guests that are allowed to visit the island, you will feel like a celebrity and you have all access to all the beaches and other tourist attractions that the island has.

The white bay beach is considered to be the most popular and the most beautiful beach in the whole Caribbean. Many tourists will immediately go this particular area and enjoy the beauty that it brings.
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Where to Stay

The Guana Island treat their guests well by letting them stay in a cosy cottages. These cottages are specifically placed in front of the beach in order for guests to have a good overlooking view of the ocean and the other wonderful geological formations that surrounds the island.

All rooms or cottages are equipped with wifi. However, there are no televisions placed in each room. This was intentionally done so that people won’t just stay in their hotels but they too will go out.

Gourmet Delights

Different varieties of seafood, meats and poultry are cooked well and are serve properly. The Great House is usually where people go to eat and relax.

Guests are treated and pampered well while staying in the Guana Island. There are many kinds of spa and massage services that are offered and all you have to do is pick your kind of flavour. Bringing your family to this place will surely give you the satisfaction that you need. Your children will be happy and your partners will surely be relaxed.


Guana Island

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