An Island Escape to Dugi Otok


An Island Escape to Dugi Otok in the Zadar Archipelago in Croatia

Dugi Otok is the largest island in the Zadar archipelago in Croatia. “Long Island” in English, the island got its name from its distinctive shape and is also the longest island in the Adriatic Sea.

Known for its tranquility, calmness and spiritual vibe, Dugi Otok is surrounded with luscious greens. There are also beautiful cliffs in their most beautiful and natural form. There are small villages inhabiting the island and isolated beaches surround the area where tourists are welcome.

Isola Lunga

Isola Lunga, Western shore of Dugi Otok. Photo by Ivana51~commonswiki / CC BY-SA 3.0


Sali is the administrative capital of Dugi Otok. This is where most of the locals inhabit. The town’s economy is mainly focused on tourism industry. They frequently organize sports, water and island activities and tours for tourists. Sali is also equipped with an ATM, medical and dental facilities and a sport office.

If you go to Dugi Otok, stop by Sali where there plenty of activities to do while in town. The reading room is not only a library; there are also regular music concerts and food tasting events.

The churches of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas and St. Roch are just a few of the buildings that show of the island’s religious and cultural heritage. Olive trees surround the island countryside, with some about 700 years old.

Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions

Sakarun is the most famous beach in Dugi Otok. Situated in the northwest shoreline, Sakarun is known for its white sand beach. Also for its crystal clear waters and luscious green pine trees. You can also go to other isolated and undiscovered beaches and coves surrounding the island. Go to the local tourism office and they will be willing to give you information.

Veli Rat, Soline, Bozava and Veruni are other tourist attractions on the island. Veli Rat is where you can find a 19th century old lighthouse. It is considered as the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea. It reveals the island’s amazing landscape and beautiful sea waters. There is even an accommodation available if tourists want to stay there.

There are more exciting tourist attractions on the island. Dugi Otok is the perfect jump off point to get there. Include the National Marine Park of Kornati and Nature Park Telaocica in your itinerary as you explore Duki Otok and the Zadarian County deeper.
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Exciting Activities in the Island

Dugi Otok abounds with a wide array of fish which also served as a source of food for the inhabitants. Fishing is one of the highlight activities on the island. You can opt to go big game fishing, rock fishing or underwater fishing.

Fishing is definitely one of the highlight activities on the island. It can be enjoyed in several ways like rock fishing, underwater fishing and big game fishing.

affiliate pgmWhen you go fishing in this place, the best time to do so is during spring until autumn. The reason by why that time of the year is the best time to go on a fishing trip is that huge fishes linger around the region during that period.

The waters of Duki Otok are blessed with an abundant marine life. Some tourists who visit this place and loves scuba diving will immediately rent a boat and a suite and enjoy the sea.

PLRThere are 3 main dive sites that they can choose from. All dive sites require them to wear the proper gear for diving.

Hiking and cycling are also very popular in this place. Many mountain climbers love what this region’s nature has to offer to them and the hunters can enjoy hunting mouflons.

The adventurist in you will find that the best ways to experience the island are by hiking or cycling some it’s numerous routes and trails. Mountaineering is also a popular activity for nature lovers as the islandís landscape is mostly rocky and mountainous. Dugi Otok also has three hunting zones, where you can put your hunting skills to the test and capture some mouflons.


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