Dominica in the Caribbean


Explore the Caribbean in Dominica the Unusual Way


The Caribbean is a favorite destination among tourists and honeymooners because of its beautiful beaches and scenery. If you want to explore the Caribbean in a different way, go to Nature Island or the Dominica. With a very small population of only 70,000 inhabitants, you will be able to experience nature in its most natural way.

Go for an Adventure and Sight-seeing

Travelers who are seeking for an adventure will enjoy what Dominica has in store for tourists. You can go for hiking along the trails of Waitukubuli or proceed to Cabrits National Park. Each trail takes about 6 hours to complete and there are 14 trail segments to choose from. Rappelling is also another exciting activity that will take you down waterfalls, canyons and gorges.

Always bring along your camera with you as you will have plenty of time to take snap shots at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park that has been chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the park, you can choose to hike along Boiling Lake, Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake or Middleham Falls.

Boiling Lake

Approximately 7 miles long, Boiling Lake is a slightly difficult trail that starts from Totou Gorge and ends at the lake. A local guide is always available to assist tourists especially those who are inexperienced.

The trail consists of rough, confusing and wet terrains but at the end of the trail, you will be greeted with an incredible view of the Caribbean at the top of Morne Nicholls, which is about 3000 foot above sea level. The Valley of Desolation, decorated with bubbling mud pools, natural springs and sulfuric springs.

An Unusual Caribbean Getaway

While beaches and resorts may be the first thing that is associated with the Caribbean, Dominica is another side of the Caribbean that will take you to beautiful rainforests, stunning rivers and lakes, and magnificent waterfalls and streams that will allow you to take a dip and cool down after hours of hiking. There are also seven active volcanoes found in the island which makes the experience even more exciting.

Indulge In the Waters and Go For a Dive

To complete the Caribbean adventure, diving is another activity that can be done in Dominica. It is home to well-preserved reefs and sea walls that houses uncommon sea creatures like sea snakes, frogfish, electric rays, seahorses, flying gurnards and Batfish.

You can also bring along your waterproof camera as the underwater will bring you to volcanic craters, cliffs, underwater boulders and canyons. This unique underwater landscape made Dominica as one of the most unbelievable diving spots in the planet.

There are plenty of diving spots to choose from but the most popular and spectacular are found in the Cabrits National Park Marine Section, in the Soufriere Scottis Head Marine Reserve and in the Salisbury Marine Reserve.

Soufriere Scottis Head Marine Reserve is popular for stunning volcanic underwater patterns. Cabrits is popular for uncommon sea creatures and coral walls, while Salisbury is hailed as the best reef diving spot in the Caribbean. If you want to feast your eyes on vents emitting warm geothermal waters and watch underwater lava pinnacles, Champagne is the spot for diving and snorkeling.



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