Bimini in the Bahamas


Bimini in the Bahamas – Your Next Vacation Destination


Photo by Matt Kieffer. CC BY-SA 2.0

Bimini Island is one popular vacation destination in the Bahamas that will definitely make every tourist’s visit worth it all. It is only about 53 miles east of Miami and is the closest to the mainland United States, making it very accessible for tourists and travelers. Dressed with stunning beaches, exciting landmarks and thrilling activities, Bimini is conducive for those on their honeymoon or even for a family.

The Bimini Museum

Situated along Kings Highway, Bimini Museum houses exhibits an assortment of treasures left by well-known visitors who have stayed in the island. You can find souvenirs formerly possessed by Ernest Hemingway and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on display at the two-storey 1920’s house. Some other exhibits show history of the island. You can enter the museum from Monday to Saturday with an entrance fee while children are free of the entrance fee.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor adventure fun is one of the many things that you get to experience while you are at Bimini. You can go swim with the dolphins by availing of their tour packages. There are different water skill levels depending on your experience.

Another fun activity is going scuba diving and snorkeling where you get to have a closer encounter with the different marine creatures and explore the coral reefs. Stones of Atlantis, Tuna Alley, Bimini Road and Bimini Wall are the most favorites diving sites among tourists.

If you are with your kids, you can go fishing or boat sailing by renting out fishing boats at the Bimini Blue Water Marina or at the Bimini Big Game Resort and Marina. They even offer bed and breakfast program.
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Where to Eat

After your day’s fun-filled activities, it is always nice to end the day with a sumptuous meal and drinks. Head on to Red Lion Pub located at Kings Highway in Alice Town and indulge in freshly prepared seafood dishes while enjoying the sunset, the view of the marina and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Novelty Shops and Souvenirs Items

Taking a piece of memory back home is a part of every traveler. If you wish to purchase or explore souvenir items from the island, go to the Bimini Straw Market. You can find interesting handicrafts of handmade jewelry and even freshly baked artisan breads.

Gateway Gallery in Alice Town is another shop where you can find collections of fine arts, music, sculptures and locally made artworks. If you want to try out different varieties of locally produced breads, go to Pritchard’s Grocery. You can also buy your other needs at the grocery while staying in the island.

Even if the island is very close to the United States, it is a place where you can find relaxation and some moments away from the hustles and bustles of the city life. Because of its peaceful and beautiful ambiance, many famous figures have visited the island. It is laidback and the locals try their very best to preserve the natural beauty of everything that is in Bimini.

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