Visit Bermuda on a Budget

Bermuda: A Great Place to Spend a Vacation on a Budget


For people who are on a budget but want to experience having a vacation on a tropical paradise, Bermuda is one of the most popular choices. This place is unique and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. No other beach has pinkish sand that also has a great view of blue ocean waters. Although the place has a sub tropical climate, bringing of sunblock is highly advised.

Where to Go

For many years, Bermuda has made a name for itself into one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The Royal Navy Dockyard and Museum are considered to be there most visited tourist attraction.

The Bermuda Aquarium, Botanical gardens, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Museum and Zoo, the light houses, and the popular Crystal caves are also often visited. The Crystal caves give every vacationer a treat whenever they explore the caves since it has a very beautiful stalactites and underground saltwater pools.

Going Around

The city is not that big and because the roads are not that wide, traffic is still a problem in this place. There are no rent-a-car services in Bermuda, but you can simply rent a motor bike or mountain bike to help you go around the different places of your interest.

Renting a motor bike will also make your life easy since you save more time and money rather than riding a bus or taxi. Since the different locations of the different tourist spots of this city are a little bit far from each other, it is advised that you rent a motor bike you brought your driver’s license or if you know how to drive a motorbike.
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Where to Stay

There are many great hotels that you can stay to since the different hotel establishments in this place are not that pricey especially the different restaurants where you can eat.  One of the most popular hotels that in Bermuda that is very affordable and very cosy is the Fairmont Hotel Princess.

This hotel can surely accommodate any tourist’s needs since they have 2 large pools that their children can enjoy, a beauty salon for the wife and a fitness centre for the husband or the bachelor. Bermuda has also many clubs for the night life geeks that is in the middle of this establishment. 

South Hampton hotel is another establishment that is very popular because of its unique beach which is colored pink. Many tourists spend their time under the sun in this establishment because of how nice the ambiance of the hotel’s beach is.

What to Eat

In Bermuda, British, Chinese, Caribbean, Continental, French and Indian cuisine are very popular in this place. However, the Continental dishes are considered to be the most favorite of all cuisines.

People enjoy eating in the different restaurants and pubs in Bermuda especially when it comes to seafood since they are very known to serve their sea foods fresh. Eating anywhere in Bermuda is very safe since they have a high standards when it comes to sanitation in all their restaurants.

Traveling to Bermuda will surely give your money’s worth. If you travel on a vacation together with your family and friends, this place will surely satisfy your needs of relaxation and pleasure.

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