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Although I may receive commissions for products purchased or viewed on affiliate websites via my referral link, I do not receive any revenue for writing product reviews, nor do I receive free products for evaluation purposes. All products featured and/or reviewed on this website are chosen by me and given an independent review which may be good or bad.

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Affiliate links benefiting this website are provided to my visitors so that they may independently evaluate 3rd party merchant offerings referenced or referred by this website.

This website provides links to third parties, merchant partners and/or otherwise, that are deemed appropriate and relevant for my visitors who come to this website looking for information, entertainment or otherwise.

This website promotes only those merchants that, in my opinion that are worthy of my visitors’ consideration. I encourage all of my visitors to do further research into any products and services recommended or referred to by this website, before making any purchases or investments of any kind.

This website may also link to or reference merchants who, in the opinion of this website and its contributors, are not worthy of doing business with in an attempt to educate consumers and expose scams and fraudulent marketers.

Please examine any offering or referenced product or service carefully. Knowledge is Power. Use it wisely.

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